Giggles Cannabis Embraces Green Delivery Solutions with Eco-Friendly Electric Scooters in Downtown Hamilton!


Hamilton, July 14, 2023 – Giggles Cannabis, a leading cannabis retailer in Hamilton, is taking significant strides towards environmental sustainability by introducing a fleet of eco-friendly electric scooters for their cannabis delivery services in the inner downtown core. This bold move is a testament to Giggles Cannabis’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing green solutions in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry.


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The introduction of electric scooters as a mode of delivery showcases Giggles Cannabis’ dedication to providing customers with convenient and eco-conscious options. By utilizing electric scooters, the company aims to minimize emissions, reduce noise pollution, and contribute to the community’s overall well-being.

“We are thrilled to announce the implementation of our new fleet of electric scooters for cannabis deliveries in the downtown Hamilton area,” said Hary Shoan, the CEO of Giggles Cannabis. “As a responsible and forward-thinking company, we recognize the importance of sustainable practices. By incorporating eco-friendly transportation options, we aim to set an example for the industry and promote a greener future.”

The electric scooters used by Giggles Cannabis are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which emit zero emissions during operation. This environmentally friendly alternative to traditional delivery methods not only reduces the company’s carbon footprint but also contributes to cleaner air quality in the local community.

The use of electric scooters for cannabis deliveries in the inner downtown core is also expected to have a positive impact on traffic congestion. With their compact size and maneuverability, the scooters can navigate through busy streets and narrow alleys more efficiently, allowing for quicker deliveries and minimizing disruptions to traffic flow.

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Furthermore, Giggles Cannabis is investing in employee training programs to ensure safe and responsible scooter operations. Delivery personnel will undergo rigorous training to familiarize themselves with the scooters’ handling, traffic rules, and safety procedures. This commitment to safety reflects Giggles Cannabis’ dedication to providing a reliable and secure delivery service.

“We take the safety of our employees, customers, and the community very seriously,” added Mr.Shoan. “We have implemented comprehensive training programs to ensure our delivery personnel are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate the electric scooters safely. Our goal is to provide efficient and secure deliveries while prioritizing the well-being of everyone involved.”

Giggles Cannabis’ transition to electric scooters aligns with its overall mission to redefine the cannabis experience while promoting sustainable practices. By combining their commitment to exceptional customer service with eco-friendly delivery options, Giggles Cannabis continues to lead the way in the cannabis industry, setting an example for other retailers to follow.

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About Giggles Cannabis:

Giggles Cannabis is a reputable cannabis retailer based in Hamilton, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality cannabis products, exceptional customer service, and a positive shopping experience. With a focus on education, awareness, and sustainability, Giggles Cannabis aims to redefine the entire cannabis experience while putting a smile on the faces of its customers.


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